Watch: The Tuesday Club’s ‘Aint Got No Class’

Get ready for a big wake-up call as The Tuesday Club release their new one

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Posted 7th January 2013 in Videos, The Tuesday Club

It's all gone topsy-turvy this morning as The Tuesday Club release their new video. On a Monday.

The band's style of new wave punk-pop is guaranteed to put a rocket in your pocket on this grey January morning.

The lyrics have just about every crazy image you could want on a day like today: hookers with no class, pockets full of sex, and the line 'no tits on me.'

'Ain't Got No Class' is a great big smack in the face to wake you up.

The Tuesday Club are:

Glabrous Fabulous - Thud Bass
Wasabi Penis - Heavy Lead
Dog Pasanda - Twang Bass
Andreas Vanderbraindrain – Vocals
Tittybar Telski
The Minx
Jerry Berry

Watch the live performance of 'Ain't Got No Class'