The Saturdays - ‘30 Days’ single review

'30 Days' is a return to form for The Saturdays, but it inches towards being another disposable pop morsel.

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Released 16 Apr 2012 | | By Paul Leake | Rating: 3
The Saturdays - ‘30 Days’ single review

The Saturdays are back on the scene with another dance-pop anthem that takes inspiration from Ibiza club songs.

The girl group struggles when it comes to their singles and albums. They usually start with a strong lead single and subsequently suffer the law of diminishing returns until they go away to record another album. And the cycle begins again. '30 Days' follows this inevitable trend with a memorable electronic hook in the chorus, but the weak verses mean that the song fails to take off to the same pop heights that 'Higher', 'Notorious' or 'Up'. Having said that, it's refreshing to have the girls back onto strong pop melodies again following the bleakly weak and empty 'My Heart Takes Over'. And when that chorus hits, it's a very pleasant surprise.

Although '30 Days' has auto-tuned the girls' voices to the point where they sound more like Cylons than singers, the song is fine for what it is: disposable pop.

First Listen: The Saturdays '30 Days'.