Nicki Minaj: ‘StarShips’ single review

‘Starships’ is a 90s' Euro-dance anthem with almighty potential for inducing sugar-fits

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| By Sarah Gordon | Rating: 2-5
Nicki Minaj: ‘StarShips’ single review

‘Starships’ is a 90s' Euro-beats style dance anthem that sets Nicki Minaj on a bold new course.

There's nothing quite like a bag of fizzy cola bottles to get you salivating if you have a sweet tooth. That sugar-lust often applies to music, too, and Minaj’s 2011 album 'Pink Friday' had all the lip-smacking sweet-sourness of a packet of Haribo Starmix. It's the sort of musical fare that makes you spin around your house like an excited toddler cracked-out on e-numbers. Minaj's new single 'StarShips' had the same potential for inducing excited sugar-fits.

‘Starships’ features a pulsing verse structure combined with a twisting, corkscrewed-riff of a chorus that is undeniably catchy - it doesn’t leave your head all week. It’s a feel-good, drive-time radio sort of a track which will earworm its way into your skull and have you humming it all day, whether you want to or not.

Although it manifests all the addictive qualities of a sugar-frosted pop success, it ultimately lacks the energy of last year’s offerings and leaves you feeling disappointingly flat. The lyrics are nondescript and lack any of that dark, violent edge that tempered Minaj’s acid bubblegum image so deliciously in songs like ‘Roman’s Revenge’, nor is it as dazzlingly euphoric as the enormous soundscape that ‘Super Bass’ offered up. The song never seems to pay off properly; we are instead stuck in a three and a half minute cycle of artificially-sweet sameness that is guaranteed to follow you around like an aspartame-induced headache all day.

So unfortunately, it seems the latest single from miss Minaj is rather more saccharin than saccharine. There's a lingering thread of hope that her next offering ‘Roman Reloaded’ (title track from the impending album) will pack a bit more of the snarling bite that made her so attractive in the first place. In the meantime, get your sweet fix via more conventional, edible methods.