Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang

No two ways about it - Mark Ronson's done it again.

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Released 12 Jul 2010 | Columbia | By Anthony Hill | Rating: 4
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang

"Un, deux, trois," slams the intro, revealing the exact number of seconds it takes Mark Ronson's latest effort to gatecrash its way into the brain. Once lodged among the neurons, it deftly impels every muscle and limb to move spasmodically to its infectious beat. An unglamourous image perhaps, but one destined for discos across the land in coming weeks. It's hard to pinpoint Ronson's exact role among the apparently huge cast, but if there's one certainty, it's that the master of ceremonies has worked his usual switch-flicking magic on 'Bang Bang Bang'.

No stranger to bold collaborations, Ronson hikes his eclectic crusade to unprecedented levels with the line-up on forthcoming album 'Record Collection'. The Business International, as they are affectionately known, sees the likes of Boy George, Simon Le Bon, Wiley, Miike Snow and even a Kaiser Chief making varied contributions. 'Bang Bang Bang', our first glimpse of the action - with spectacled techno queen MNDR and US rapper Q-Tip - portends one hell of a record. It has the impromptu charm and inexorable appeal of a 1980s New York block party.

What is essentially radio-friendly pop is made enviably cool here, with traces of everything from Gorillaz to Lady Gaga having borne an influence. Comparisons are easily drawn between this and a certain Black Eyed Peas tune - something about sensing a jolly fun evening ahead. Thankfully, this time around, the annoying elements are replaced by stylish synths you'll wish you were playing and rock-steady beats that can't be ignored. 'Bang Bang Bang' has summer hit written all over it - and not in an obnoxious or short-lived manner. No two ways about it - Mark Ronson's done it again.