Gaggle: ‘Army of Birds’ review

‘Army of Birds’ is a percussion-heavy anthem with enough girl power to knock you off your feet

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Released 21 May 2012 | Transgressive Records | By Paul Leake | Rating: 4
Gaggle: ‘Army of Birds’ review

It’s a rare gift for a band, particularly a girl band, to embody the term ‘girl power’ so perfectly. Gaggle have used 'Army of Birds' to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with, gathering up 21 strong female voices and piecing them together magnificently in a choir that embodies feminism with a touch of brute force.

‘Army of Birds’ is a stunning, riotous anthem that has the potential to knock you down with its sheer size and power. With a percussive drum beat and some intricate harmonies, this sounds like an artistic feminist march intent on storming into your brain. 'Excuse me, sir / you may not have heard / I'm not in your army / I'm in an army of birds' the women cry out and you wouldn't dare question them for a second.

It's the kind of single that will have you humming for days. The Ting Tings could learn a lesson from these women.

Watch the video for 'Army of Birds' below: