Bastille: ‘Of the Night’ review

An inspired mash-up that makes you want to sneak into the depths of the night

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| By Paul Leake | Rating: 4
Bastille: ‘Of the Night’ review

It takes serious guts to even contemplate a mash-up of two 90s' dance classics. Bastille, however, may have made one of the most inspired mash-ups ever. 'Of the Night' is a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, evoking doe-eyed nostalgia for the purity of '90s dance music. But this isn't the dancefloor burning music you remember; it modulates between sombre heartbreak and quiet intensity. It still makes you want to dance, but you'll be dancing under a rush of emotion rather than adrenaline. As distorted harmonies take hold in the chorus and the sparse beats thump with knowing restraint, you'll want to sneak into the depths of the night with Bastille.

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