Aiden Grimshaw: ‘Curtain Call’ review

Mystifying and sublime second single that offers up new surprises from one of the UK's most exciting new artists

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RCA | By Paul Leake | Rating: 5
Aiden Grimshaw: ‘Curtain Call’ review

Aiden Grimshaw continues to surprise with second single 'Curtain Call', which makes 'Is This Love' seem average by comparison.

Following a critically acclaimed debut single is fraught with the potential for disaster for any new artist. The good news is that Aiden hasn't stayed within the comfortable genre of his first song. He's instead continued to paint the narrative in bold new ways.

'Curtain Call' retains that atmospheric darkness, but it's juxtaposed against some of the most sublime vocals you can hear outside of a Zero 7 album. There are influences of Morcheeba and Moby that come whispering through the single's most electrifying moments as Aiden nods his head towards the artists that have influenced his musical style.

Aiden develops the story of his destructive relationship into its most natural progression as he desperately begs to keep hold of the romance. All this exhilarating, raw emotion is layered as Aiden's voice seeps into Shezar's soulful refrain on the chorus. It can be confusing to hear this depth of emotion from any former X Factor contestant, but the curiosity of it all is equally seductive.

'Curtain Call' is darkly beautiful.

Best line: 'Burning bright sensation / there's no medication that could recreate this world we made / 'cause it's ours'