Adam Lambert ‘Ghost Town’: ghoulishly sexy and stark

His split with RCA has turned him into the pop star he was always meant to be

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| By Paul Leake | Rating: 4-5
Adam Lambert ‘Ghost Town’: ghoulishly sexy and stark

Adam Lambert's career needed an exorcist after his departure from RCA Records and 'Ghost Town' is it. Trespassing gave him his biggest success to date, but that label's shoddy promotion caused it to slink off earlier than expected. Worse still, they wanted to follow up his number one album with a covers LP in a cheap attempt to cash in on the former Idol's name. There was a lot riding on Adam's new chapter and he knew it, which is why he recruited big-name producers and went on long writing sessions for his third album. Not only did it work, but it looks as though it's transformed him into the pop star he was always meant to be.

'Ghost Town' will be a definitive moment in his career because this is him at his purest. There's no drama behind the scenes and there are no silly games to play – this is all about the music he wants to make. He fuses a dark house melody with bleak lyrics about death and heartbreak, creating a minimalist pop song that's both sexy and stark. It sounds familiar in part because of that tried-and-tested whistling hook, but this is a fresh new approach that will please newcomers and his most devoted fans. If this lead single is any indication, Adam's music could be haunting the charts for the rest of 2015.

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