The Long Lost - Woebegone

'Woebegone' sounds like lift music coupled with lyrics that sound mournful yet romantic.

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Released 10 Nov 2008 | | By Simon Ridley | Rating: 3
The Long Lost - Woebegone

The Long Lost are two high school sweethearts from California (Laura and Alfred Darlington) that have since married. The pair met whilst in their school orchestra and their new single shows telltale signs of it. Both tracks feature horns and other types of orchestration that make these love songs different to the clichéd sounds of the Top 40. 'Woebegone' sounds like lift music coupled with lyrics that sound mournful yet romantic. From the simple acoustic guitar opening to the gentle xylophonic sounds it is clear that this music is aimed at anyone who is with someone who is causing them pain. Laura sings about doing many different things differently in their relationship if the object of her desire would only "pep up and not be so glum". The song ends with a clocklike sounding guitar part which almost signifies that time is running out to save their troubled romance.

'The Art Of Kissing' is a far more upbeat track that is again driven by an acoustic guitar and Latin drums. Laura's wistful vocals are backed up by Alfred's monk-like chanting and add a different texture to the music. Although the tempo is quicker than 'Woebegone' the delivery of the vocals and the pacing of the guitar still gives the song a downbeat feel, again like their love affair is fading. For those who like their romantic songs to be tinged with melancholy and without the typically banal lyrics that you find in most chart material.