Tallulah Rendall - Lay Me Down

Smoother than Sean Connery-era James Bond in silk underpants.

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Released 8 Dec 2008 | | By Mark Williams | Rating: 3
Tallulah Rendall - Lay Me Down

'Lay Me Down' is a moody and atmospheric ballad which provides a showcase for the sultry, honey-glazed voice of Tallulah Rendall. Smoother than Sean Connery-era James Bond in silk underpants, this self-released single has an unobtrusive musical accompaniment that allows Tallulah's vocal range room to roam.

Judging by her singing voice, Rendall is quite well spoken too - not aristocracy posh, but I'd be surprised to hear any cockney rhyming slang slipped casually into conversation. This makes her in many ways the antithesis to the mockney whining of Lily Allen in vocal style, as well as in being possession of actual musical ability.

On some of the higher notes, you wouldn't be mistaken in drawing comparisons with Alison Goldfrapp; the delicate wail of the siren that could probably shatter glass if it went one octave higher. For some reason I can picture an advert for Cadbury's Flake being soundtracked by 'Lay Me Down' but maybe that's just a personal oddity.