Honey Pine Dresser - Island Gardens EP

The self-released 'Island Gardens' EP is a four-track, relaxing musical stroll through ambient electro and folky-pop.

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Released 29 Dec 2008 | | By Mark Williams | Rating: 3
Honey Pine Dresser - Island Gardens EP

Lead singer and sole Canadian of Honey Pine Dresser, Marie-Pascale Hardy has an ethereal quality to her voice, which more or less floats through the first three tracks. If I'm honest, between 'Jellyfish', 'Waltham Forest Pool' and the wonderfully named 'Don't Leave Your Neck Unattended', there is not much of a change of pace, which is something 'Island Gardens' could perhaps do with, in order to prove the band are capable of an album.

'CCTV Sex', the final song on the EP, has a crackling, scratchy old vinyl record sound that has something of Belle And Sebastian about it. It hints at what may be the other strings to the bow of Honey Pine Dresser and leaves you wanting a little bit more, which I guess is exactly the kind of attribute you want from an EP.