Watch: Tom Fletcher sings his wedding speech to Giovanna

The McFly singer had to sing his speech in order to overcome his nerves

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Posted 6th January 2013 in News, McFly | By Clickmusic News Desk
Watch: Tom Fletcher sings his wedding speech to Giovanna

McFly's Tom Fletcher has sent tradition packing by singing his wedding speech to Giovanna.

During the lengthy speech, Tom cycles through 'Obviously', 'Star Girl,' 'Sorry's Not Good Enough,' 'Room on the Third Floor' and 'It's All About You.'

"I absolutely hate public speaking. Me and public speaking are just not compatible, we don't go together very well at all," he said.

"Mainly because I have no idea how to write a good speech, but I do know how to write a good song, so I hope this isn't cheating my way out of it too much."

Tom's new lyrics included some cheeky lines about his best men: 'Thanks to my best men / you are the best friends / that I know I will ever have / you're more like brothers / and sometimes lovers / but we won't tell them about that...'

He also addressed McFly's future as rumours of a split continue to rumble on: 'We're only getting started / and I know McFly will never end.'

And then came the most special bit, when Tom sang a line about his band-mates:

'Let's start with Harry / you've been there for me / through all good the times and the bad.

'Dougie, without you / don't know what I'd do / but I know my life would be sad.

'And thank you, Danny / for making me happy / by thinking eggs are vegetables...'

Emotional stuff, Tom.

Watch the touching speech-song below. And if you don't get emotional, you're dead inside.