Watch: Northern Irish girl’s Taylor Swift rant goes viral

Young girl rants into her smartphone over Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

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Posted 11th April 2013 in News, Taylor Swift | By Clickmusic News Desk
Watch: Northern Irish girl’s Taylor Swift rant goes viral

You think you've seen it all on the internet. Or at least you do until you come across the comical ramblings of an angry teen girl who hates Taylor Swift.

The video sees a young girl from Northern Ireland venting all of her Swiftian frustrations to her smartphone, before going into a long tirade about Taylor's penchant for song rants.

"Why make a song up about 'we are never getting back together' when you clearly fuckin' did get back together with him. You know?" she says as she pulls some strange gurns to the camera. "It's not nice."

"And you drop poor wee Harry Styles an' all. Wee boy's probably fuckin' heartbroken. Havin' to go and fuck a 37-year-old and then he finally gets a girlfriend his own age and then you go and drop 'im. Jesus Christ... Look at you.

"And then you go around singing songs like 'I Knew You Were Trouble When You First Walked In', you know? Then why'd you fuckin' go out with him if you knew he was fuckin' trouble? He's gonna fuckin' cause ya fuckin' heart failure and fuckin' all that there if he is trouble, you know?

"If I was you, I'd rather go out with a fuckin' jelly bean or something," she rants over Taylor's problematic relationships with John Mayer and Harry Styles.

She ends the rant with some relationship advice for the popstar: "If you knew he was trouble, you shouldn't have went out with him [sic]. There you go... Suck on my wee finger, you big hairy c**t."

Uploaded by Arbucklez in February, her rant has gone viral over the past few days and now stands at almost 130,000 views.