Watch: Leona Lewis in awkward Xtra Factor interview

Was Leona right to refuse to sing for Rita Hayek?

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Posted 25th May 2013 in News, Leona Lewis | By Clickmusic News Desk
Leona Lewis

The Voice may not be on until later, but we've got an awkward moment for you anyway. Leona Lewis created car-crash television during an interview on The Xtra Factor Arabia last night.

Leona had performed on The X Factor and joined Xtra Factor host Rita Hayek for a post-show interview. And while the two enjoyed a pleasant – if fairly dull – conversation, the interview took a nosedive when Rita asked Leona to give an a cappella performance for fans.

"Thank you, Leona. You were glowing on stage tonight. We wanna hear something special before you leave the Xtra Factor studio tonight."

Lewis replied: "Oh, I didn't know I was going to sing."

Host Rita Hayek then asked Leona to sing again: "Something very brief. Something special for the Xtra Factor contestants."

But Leona wasn't having any of it and replied with: "I didn't prepare anything."

Hayek asked for a final time, saying: "You don't have anything in mind to..."

Leona then abruptly said: "Eek... No."

And in the words of HG Wells: abruptly, the sound ceased. The interview ended quickly after that.

What do you think of Leona's response to the request? Was she being a diva and being awkward for the sake of it? Or was she right to shoot down the interviewer? Does any of this even matter? Probably not.