Voice UK: Jermain Jackman’s debut album flops

His first full-length LP peaked just outside the album top 40

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Posted 29th March 2015 in News, Jesse Malin | By Clickmusic News Desk
Voice UK: Jermain Jackman’s debut album flops

If you're looking for more evidence that The Voice UK will never produce a viable star, we have it: Jermain Jackman's debut album has flopped outside of the UK album top 40 this weekend.

Jermain's self-titled album peaked at number 42 despite heavy promotion throughout the past week. He performed on The Voice last weekend in an enviable prime-time slot, but it still wasn't enough to get him anywhere near the top 10. And this is becoming a strange pattern for a show that has a sizeable audience.

Series one winner Leanne Mitchell peaked at number 134 when she released her debut in 2013. Andrea Begley fared much better when she landed at number seven, but sales tailed off after the first week and she slipped out of the chart soon after.

Why do you think Jermain's album performed so badly? More importantly, can the series four winner even hope for a career after the show's finale next week?