Vampire Weekend promise their third album will be “darker” and arrive this spring

Ezra Koenig says the band's third album feels like the closing chapter of a trilogy

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Posted 5th January 2013 in News, Vampire Weekend | By Clickmusic News Desk
Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend have finally released details of their third album, due out in spring 2013.

The New York indie-rockers made the announcement in an interview with Q Magazine, promising fans a "darker" and more "organic" record that feels like the end of a trilogy.

"It really does feel like the third chapter in a book," Koenig admitted. "We created some characters on the first record, some of which are real people, some of which are ourselves, so it's not hard to keep following them and see what their concerns are now and how their lives have changed."

Ezra told Q that the time away was crucial to the band's sanity: "If someone had put a gun to our heads a year ago, we could have handed something in and it wouldn't have sucked," said Koenig. "But if we listen back to our own work and it doesn't sound the way we wanted, the depression that sets in is really extreme.

"Releasing a record that we didn't feel 100 percent about would commit us to a year of depression, touring a half-assed record."

Koenig told the magazine that the internet is responsible for the gap between their material: "Something new comes out and there's a frenzy and then you see how quickly it can all disappear."

"You can have a year or two based on being of the moment but beyond that, you're only as good as your songs."

The untitled third album follows Vampire Weekend's acclaimed second album, 'Contra.'