Tom Fletcher dislocates shoulder

The McFly guitarist dislocates shoulder in a charity rugby match.

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Posted 18th February 2012 in News, McFly | By Clickmusic News Desk
Tom Fletcher dislocates shoulder

Tom Fletcher has dislocated his shoulder.

The injury happened during a promotional rugby match as he and Jackson Wray clashed. The rest of the band were also playing in the match.

His dislocation has left him with reduced movement in his shoulder, affecting his ability to play guitar. There is no word yet whether the accident will affect the band's touring commitments.

Fletcher told The Mirror: "A guy from the rugby team knocked my shoulder a bit and it is partially dislocated.

"He hardly touched me - which goes to show how massive and strong he is, or how embarrassingly puny I am. Probably a combination of the two."

McFly's 'Keep Calm and Play Louder' tour will consist of 26-dates across the UK, starting in Sheffield on March 18.