Updated: The Smiths reunion rumours intensify

Another anonymous source reports that The Smiths might be reuniting for a series of gigs later this year

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Posted 26th April 2012 in News, Morrissey | By Clickmusic News Desk

The Smiths will apparently reform later this year, if you believe the shady 'sources' of Music-News.com.

Music-News.com reports that Morrissey will rejoin Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce for a reunion concert tour later this year.

Rumours of a reunion have been heating up ever since Marr said that he would reform the band if the coalition government disbanded.

The Smiths have allegedly discussed the reunion with a 'well-known promoter'. Although, it was reported a few years back that an "official offer" of £47.2m had previously been offered for a 50-date concert tour with Morrissey in 2007.

Talk of a Smiths reunion has an air of sadness about it, like someone setting fire to your childhood memories. If the acrimonious court battles and Morrissey's solo career have taught us anything, it's that the former frontman is a solitary creature who works better when he plays alone.

Would you want them to get back together? Or do you agree that it would tarnish their musical legacy for an unnecessary cash-in?

Update: Reunion reports are being refuted, as is the shady 'source':

Sources close to members of the Manchester band have strenuously denied the rumours that The Smiths will reform, NME reports. A 'highly-placed source' in Britain's live music industry also denied that a reunion was on the cards.


Johnny Marr has posted on his official Facebook page to say: "The rumours of the Smiths reunion is untrue. It's not happening.[sic]"