The Smiths reunion could be on the cards with a performance at Glastonbury 2013

Multiple sources are confirming the news, but there are conflicting reports about which members will reunite

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Posted 1st October 2012 in News, Morrissey | By Clickmusic News Desk

Despite previous speculation disintegrating into bull faeces, new rumours have surfaced that The Smiths will reform in 2013.

Holy Moly reports that several "credible" sources have confirmed the reunion, hinting at a 2013 run of four UK shows. They're reporting that these dates will include a spot at Glastonbury 2013

Though reports all seem to confirm Morrissey's involvement, there are suggestions that Mike Joyce may not be welcomed back into the fold so quickly. He could be watching The Smiths reunion from a television at home or YouTube live-stream.

This isn't the first time this year the rumour mill has been spinning. Reports in April hinted at a reunion for the gloom-pop band, but were soon dismissed by NME as ridiculous.

What are your thoughts on the rumours? Would you welcome them back with open arms like you have Take That, The Stone Roses and Steps? Or would you be scared that they might tarnish their impeccable legacy?

Moreover: will Morrissey ever perform at a festival or venue unless there's a meat-free zone?