The f___ did I just watch? Helen Flanagan unveils atrocious music video

The video's causing a huge stir online as people try to decipher the many layers to the song...

Posted 18th July 2013 in News | By Clickmusic News Desk
The f___ did I just watch? Helen Flanagan unveils atrocious music video

Updated: We've all been trolled by Helen Flanagan and a New Zealand group called The Neo-Kalashnikovs. Guitarist Moss Bioletti apparently fancies the ill-fitting knickers off her and asked her to be in their first music video.

Helen Flanagan has unveiled what appears to be her first music video. And before your mind even goes to that place, it is even worse than what you're imagining.

Shot on what can only be described as a budget of no more than £10, Helen struggles to keep up with the challenges of lip-syncing her own song as edgy guitars strum away in the background.

Think Caprice's ill-fated 'Once Around the Sun' video and you're partially there, though Caprice had a spark more personality. Helen's video is made even worse by poor editing and woefully cheap production, and her 'acting' is something quite extraordinary.

We're starting to think that it's some kind of cleverly executed marketing ploy rather than a genuine attempt at launching a music career. What's our reasoning? Well, she seems incapable of making her mouth move in the same way as the track's lyrics and she looks half bored throughout.

The video was given its world première on Noisey (VICE) this morning. Check out the video: