Simon Cowell sharpens his axe: Louis Walsh sacked from The X Factor

And it looks like more big changes are on the way

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Posted 10th May 2015 in News, The X Factor UK | By Clickmusic News Desk
Simon Cowell sharpens his axe: Louis Walsh sacked from The X Factor

Remember that stink Louis Walsh made about wanting to return to management two months ago? It turns out it was all sound and fury to mask the fact that Simon Cowell had sacked him from The X Factor panel.

The news comes today from The Sun newspaper, which had an anonymous interview with someone on the show's production team.

The source said: "Viewers had become sick of Louis’s constant use of tired clichés and the same old jokes."

He added: "He’d been doing it for 11 years and it seemed like he was just going through the motions."

An X Factor spokesman remained coy on the whole thing: "No formal decisions have been made regarding the full panel for this year’s series."

That statement is technically true since it seems that Simon called Louis to let him know directly, plus no judge has officially signed on for 2015 other than Simon.

A lot of the show's viewers have been calling for Louis to leave for the past few years. His critiques mostly consist of comparing black contestants to random black celebrities, repeating the phrase 'ready-made popstar' until he's purple, and calling everyone the next big boyband.

Are you glad to see Grandpa Munster leave?