S Club 7 could reunite in 2013, says Rachel Stevens

Rumours abound of a greatest hits album and small UK tour to test the waters

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Posted 25th March 2013 in News, S Club 7 | By Clickmusic News Desk
S Club 7

2013 could be a good year for S Club 7 fans. The manufactured band are heading for a big reunion this year.

Rachel Stevens made the revelation to the Daily Star Sunday this weekend, revealing that the pop favourites were in talks to reform.

"We met up not long ago and we talked about it and we still are talking about it," Stevens told the Daily Star Sunday.

"We are all in the same head space, talking about how special it was and we do all want to celebrate what we had. So it’s definitely a possibility."

S Club have been together in some form in the past few years as Jo O'Meara, Paul Cattermole and Bradley McIntosh took a depressing 'S Club 3' around clubs and universities. Reviews of the trio ranged from "sad and depressing" to "a tragic reminder that even the sturdiest bubble has to pop sometime".

Rumours have suggested S Club would reform for a UK tour, two albums and a TV show. But now a source tells us that only a tour and greatest hits album are on the cards.

"We've obviously been talking about an S Club reunion for a while now, but it won't be what the press have spoken about. If it happens, this would be a small UK tour and a new version of their greatest hits," the source revealed.

"There's a lot of nostalgia for classic pop with the Big Reunion and it feels like the right time for the band to come back."