Queen’s Brian May blasts the Conservatives for their fox hunting plans

He appeared on Newsnight to speak out against the sadistic 'sport'

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Posted 10th July 2015 in News, Brian May | By Clickmusic News Desk
Brian May

You can always count on Dr Brian May to be the voice of reason. This time, he's speaking out against David Cameron's Conservative government for their plans to sneak fox hunting in again through the back door.

The Queen guitarist and acclaimed songwriter has long been a passionate supporter of animal rights and is using his platform to condemn the "sick" tactics of the government.

Brian told The Mirror: "This smashes the Hunting Act. They will be able to bring back the whole pack of dogs.

"This is to benefit people who want to pursue a sadistic bloodsport for fun."

Brian held up a graphic picture of a fox killed by hunters during an appearance on Newsnight before branding the government "lying bastards".

You can write to your MP to voice your opposition to fox hunting.