Panic! At the Disco donate money to gay rights campaign over Westboro Baptist picket

They described the WBC's poor turnout as weak and promised to donate $1,000

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Posted 22nd July 2014 in News, Panic! At The Disco | By Clickmusic News Desk
Panic! At The Disco

The Westboro Baptist Church have inadvertently helped the Human Rights Campaign's Pride 2014 event after picketing Panic! At the Disco's Kansas City show on July 20.

The band had promised to donate $20 to HRC for every Westboro picketer that showed up to target their gig, but when only 13 protestors showed up, Panic! promised to round up the donation to $1,000 (£586) after describing the church's poor turnout as "weak". They also told fans on Twitter that they would donate 5 per cent of merchandise sales from the gig to help the fight for equality for everyone.

The hate group and extremist cult teaches a distorted version of the Bible based on the late Fred Phelps' own loathing and intolerance. They've continued to target Panic! At the Disco since Brendon Urie described himself as having experimented with bisexuality and homosexuality.

The WBC responded to the whole thing by editing an MTV News tweet to say: "Here, here [sic]! RT @MTVNews: Bravo @PanicAtTheDisco for inadvertently spreading Westboro Baptist’s Gospel to millions!" The original MTV tweet praised the band for "winning the battle" against the fundamentalists.