Janoskians’ James Yammouni arrested in Norway over rowdy crowds / riots?

He told his Twitter followers that he'd been arrested this evening in Oslo

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Posted 14th September 2014 in News, The Jane Bradfords | By Clickmusic News Desk
Janoskians’ James Yammouni arrested in Norway over rowdy crowds / riots?

The Janoskians are naughty boys at the best of times and now it looks like one of them has been arrested in Norway after a scuffle with the police.

The boys were in the country to perform at Oslo's Parkteateret venue, but fans began swarming the streets to get a look at their idols. Police were already there to deal with the crowds, but it seems like the girls got out of hand and police warned the band that they would have to take action if it got any worse. Initial reports

James wrote on Twitter: "But the cops have just told us if you don't clear the streets/city we're getting arrested in 10 mins :/"

He added: "Please go home lol I'll be here all week I'll see you all sometime ... We just don't want to go to jail for "starting a riot" lol"

And in a more ominous yet hilarious turn, he wrote: "Lol I'm about to get arrested..."

Then began the countdown and this sign-off: "Lol I get to phone a friend, luke answer your phone! I will try my best to not drop the soap."

Details are scarce at the moment, but his Janoskians bandmates seemed to confirm it: "Dont worry guys the penalty for the offense is only a week or two ... James should be allowed out HOPEFULLY within a week #FREETHEJANOSKIANS."

Reports are suggesting that more of The Janoskians have been arrested, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Then again, this could all be a prank and a bit of banter. Or it could be his way of auditioning for Orange is the New Black.