Nicole Scherzinger backs Sharon Osbourne for X Factor return

The Boomerang singer also weighs in on Tulisa's possible departure from the show, saying that the pair are 'great friends'

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Posted 8th March 2013 in News, The X Factor UK | By Clickmusic News Desk
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Nicole Scherzinger has spoken out about The X Factor 2013 and she's backing Sharon Osbourne for a spot on the panel.

Nicole managed to win the hearts of the public and critics during her stint as a judge on last year's show, despite some reservations about joining another Simon Cowell competition. And as the current favourite to return, she's got some opinions on who should join the judging panel.

"Sharon Osbourne actually is the first person who introduced me to X Factor and brought me on as a guest judge," Scherzinger told The Sun.

"So I'm Team Sharon all the way. I absolutely adore her and love her, and she's a righteous mama."

The Boomerang singer also gave an update on her second album, admitting that she didn't want to rush-release it to capitalise on her X Factor exposure.

"I didn't rush it. I could have brought it out during the X Factor... I figured, you know, in order for me to get it really right I don't need to rush it, and I want to get it right for the fans," she revealed.

"So hopefully, at the end of this year, it will be out."

Don't mistake her comments for a swipe at Tulisa's flop album release either. Nicole put an end to rumours of rivalry between the two and gave her opinion on Tulisa's alleged departure from the panel: "I have a great working relationship and a great friendship with her, so I'm sure she'll choose what's best for her."