AFD: Louis Tomlinson to quit One Direction for a career as a motivational speaker

He wants to inspire people with excessively profane language

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Posted 1st April 2015 in News, One Direction | By Clickmusic News Desk
One Direction

Judging by the angry messages, it seems some people didn't realise this was an April Fool's Day joke. So put the pitchforks away and please stop crying.

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has quit the boyband to pursue a career as a motivational speaker, we can sensationally reveal.

Louis announced the news this morning (1 April) with an official statement: "After being the gobby one in One Direction, this seemed like the next logical step. You may remember me from such empowering speeches as me yelling at Naughty Boy over Zaughty or that time I said fuck the police."

He added: "I hope that I can inspire people with powerful rhetoric laced with excessively profane language. Think of me as the pop version of Malcolm Tucker."

There are also rumours that Harry Styles could begin a career as a relationship counsellor though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.