Lady GaGa set to play President Obama’s Inauguration Ball

A second source confirms GaGa's involvement

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Posted 20th January 2013 in News, Lady GaGa | By Clickmusic News Desk
Lady GaGa

President Obama's second Inauguration Ball is turning into a diva extravaganza: Lady GaGa looks set to perform at the event.

This morning, a source close to the inauguration's organisers told the Associated Press that GaGa will perform for President Barack Obama on Tuesday. The source spoke on condition of absolute anonymity because they aren't able to reveal the information publicly.

And now, a source close to GaGa has teased the booking by saying the singer has a "special" booking on Tuesday.

Katy Perry and Beyoncé are also expected to perform for the President, First Lady Michelle Obama and the White House staffers during the Inauguration Ball.