Jimmy Kimmel Live: Coachella visitors fall for fake bands to appear cool

Talk show host skewers hipsters as they pretend to know imaginary bands

Posted 24th April 2013 in News | By Clickmusic News Desk

Ever the prankster, Jimmy Kimmel has tricked Coachella festival-goers into showering praise on imaginary bands.

The late-night talk show host sent a reporter to Coachella 2013 to interview attendees about the best bands. The twist? None of the bands exist.

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to set a trap for Coacella hipsters: "These bands are so obscure, we made them up."

Among the made-up bands are Doctor Shlo-mo and the GI Clinic, the Obesity Epidemic and the Chelsea Clintons.

"I'm really excited to see [Doctor Shlo-mo and the GI Clinic] live. I think that's gonna be one of the bands that's gonna be great live," said one girl.

Watch the cringe-fest below: