First look at 5ive, Liberty X, Atomic Kitten and B*Witched ITV’s The Big Reunion

Some of these images might ruin your rose-tinted view of the 90s

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Posted 23rd January 2013 in News, Atomic Kitten | By Clickmusic News Desk
Atomic Kitten

ITV2 have unveiled the first look at their new Big Reunion show.

The reality show features some of the UK's biggest pop bands as they try to cash in reignite their former careers. Bands like Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, 911, B*Witched, 5ive and Honeyz will reunite for the first time in years as they begin rehearsals to perform again.

Cameras have been documenting their reunions and scripted frank discussions between the members as they try to put their past behind them.

The Big Reunion has been described as a no-holds-barred look at the successes of the bands in their heyday, and a brutal look at what happened when the groups disbanded.

Liberty X star Jessica Taylor has admitted that she had reservations about returning to the stage, commenting: "I don't do anything in the spotlight and I haven't done for a really long time, it took me a lot of time to decide whether or not to do it.

"I'm in a very safe place with my life, I'm in a happy little bubble and to step outside of that is really scary. I thought I owed it to the guys to make sure I was sure and I am but I'm petrified."

Scott Robinson spoke of his anger at Jason 'J' Brown's refusal to take part: "I was annoyed with Jay when he said he didn't want to be a part of this.

"I was really angry because I've been personally myself trying to get this band back together for years and years and someone's let it down. He will be missed."

The Atomic Kitten reunion is not the one you're expecting either. Kerry Katona will join Liz McClarnon and Natasha Hamilton for the show. Kerry left the band before they scored their first UK no.1 and the Kittens only achieved mainstream success once Jenny Frost had joined the trio.

Critics have been quick to slam both Atomic Kitten and 5ive, both of whom are reuniting without key members of the groups.

What do you think about The Big Reunion? Should 5ive be disqualified from taking part now that they only have four members? Should Atomic Kitten be sent back to the litter tray?

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