Listen to Azealia Banks first new song since ditching Interscope ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’

She debuted the song on SoundCloud today and teased that more new music is coming

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Posted 27th July 2014 in News, Azealia Banks | By Clickmusic News Desk

It's been just a few weeks since Azealia Banks left Interscope behind, but she's just unveiled some new music to mark her renewed creative freedom. The track in question is called 'Heavy Metal and Reflective' and will likely be part of a newly refined version of her Broke with Expensive Taste album, which was constantly pushed back by Interscope for seemingly no reason.

Stylistically, it's a return to the kind of quick-fire rapping and frenetic beats that made her a star on '212' and a huge leap forward from songs like 'ATM Jam'. If this is the kind of material that will feature on her long-awaited debut album, then she may just have a hit on her hands.