Updated: Etta Bond booed off at Bingley Festival over ‘inappropriate’ lyrics

The singer referred to the entire audience as boring bitches when they started to boo

Posted 1st September 2014 in News | By Clickmusic News Desk
Updated: Etta Bond booed off at Bingley Festival over ‘inappropriate’ lyrics

Etta Bond was booed off at Bingley Festival this weekend when the early afternoon crowd objected to her lyrics.

Etta had been booked for a surprisingly early 2:55pm slot at the family festival and irked the crowd almost from the moment she began her set. Thousands of people began booing over her lyrical content and "distasteful diatribe between songs", which they thought was inappropriate for the audience and time-slot. She also called the audience "boring bitches" when they began to boo her performance.

Etta acknowledged the bad reception: "I've chosen to live broke and grind for years to do what I'm doing, so if you think a couple of batty holes at Bingley can put me off."

She added: "Love and respect to anyone and every one who connects and relates to my journey and movement, I'm doing this for us ❤️"

Several people from the festival took to Twitter to criticise both Etta and the festival's organisers for putting her on so early in the day.

Twitter user Helen (@BlueyTwoShoes wrote: "I was there, early afternoon slot, loads of young children onsite, copious amounts of swearing, advocating smoking weed."

Julie Jacques wrote: "@EttaBond Bingley is a family festival you thick foul mouthed idiot , it comes to something when the organisers have to apologise for you!"

Diane England wrote: "@EttaBond I go to a wide variety of gigs where artists strut, swear, spit & even fight but seriously!! 2:55pm on a Sunday #seeprevioustweet"

Emma Haskell wrote: "@EttaBond @EttaBondFans By a couple, you mean 16,000 people, all fans of real music! Go smoke some more weeeeed #attentionseekingskank."

User Chloe Mannerings defended her: "@TerriMoseley @EttaBond if u gave her a chance you'd see that Etta is an outstanding singer-her songs might not be ur cuppa but she can sing."