James Arthur is streamlining his stage name to just ‘Arthur’

Or he might be calling himself Gloria from now on... It's all up in the air

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Posted 26th July 2014 in News, James Arthur | By Clickmusic News Desk
James Arthur is streamlining his stage name to just ‘Arthur’

2014 could see James Arthur streamline and re-brand to a more manageable mononym like Cher, Madonna or Voltaire. The X Factor star says he wants a fresh start and is considering changing his stage name to just Arthur sometime this year.

The 'Get Down' singer posed the question to his fans before asking what they thought about his new identity.

James asked fans on Twitter: "How would the fans feel if the next record was released under the name "Arthur" and james was dropped going forward as I'm a new character?"

He added: "I'd like to start over... This will be my artist name and stage name... Of course you guys know I'm James in real life."

He also acknowledged that the name 'James Arthur' has enough dirt on it: "There's stigma attached to the name James Arthur that I'm ashamed of... They can throw dirt at a triangle with Arthur beside it all day long."

His fans had their own ideas, ranging from loving the new Arthur moniker to suggesting a few of their own. The best one came from a fan who suggested that Gloria was a better name for him, prompting him to tweet: "Gloria's army?"

So it looks like the new stage name is James' attempt to draw a line under the last few months and start fresh as he prepares to release his second album, which he started working on in May. Without Simon Cowell's looming shadow, James is already in talks to sign a new album deal elsewhere.