Coldplay Announce New Perfume, ‘Angst’

'People like to smell nice...'

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Posted 1st April 2010 in News, Coldplay | By Clickmusic News Desk
Coldplay Announce New Perfume, ‘Angst’

This is by far our favourite April Fools we've seen this morning (though admittedly, we've not seen that many) - Coldplay have announced they're going to launch a perfume, called 'Angst'.

"We're very pleased to announce that Coldplay have today launched their own exclusive fragrance, Angst by Coldplay," reads a message on their website. "The core ingredients of the scent are listed on the Brian Eno-designed bottles as sangre, sudor and lágrimas, all of which have been sourced from Fairtrade suppliers."

"This is something we've wanted to do for a long time," adds the band's frontman, Chris Martin. "People like to smell nice and we thought we could help them out."

Apparently you can order it from today in their official store, for £42. But it's sold out. Damn.