Brian Harvey says BBC Radio 1 is ‘shit’ and ‘full of paedo protectors’

He also goes onto to make homophobic, misogynistic threats against a woman

Posted 25th January 2015 in News | By Clickmusic News Desk
Brian Harvey says BBC Radio 1 is ‘shit’ and ‘full of paedo protectors’

Okay, the Brian Harvey saga is officially a rollercoaster. What started out as a seemingly random and hilarious YouTube comment quickly descended into an offensive rant against everyone at BBC Radio 1, as well as a gay woman whose face he wants to "smash in".

Brian allegedly commented underneath Rae Morris' 'Stay Another Day' cover on YouTube with an angry rant about the station refusing to playlist his music.

He wrote: "BBC Radio One, you will play anyone else as long as it's not me, eh!!!

"Well done, Rae Morris, but Radio 1 you suck fucking arse you bunch of wankers. Everyone is scared to tell you but I'm not.

"You fucking paedo-protecting, shit music-playing, corporate wankstain shit-heads. Fuck you, fuck your radio station, fuck your staff... Stick your shitty commercial poo bag station up your paedo protecting arse."

He goes onto say some pretty misogynistic and homophobic things after that, including a threat of violence against a woman he says has come onto his girlfriend in the past.

Brian Harvey off of East 17 rants about paedos, BBC Radio 1 and lesbians