Ben Haenow praises Matt Cardle, dismisses the X Factor ‘winner’s curse’

You know the one... It's a bit like the cursed videotape in The Ring

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Posted 21st December 2014 in News, Matt Cardle | By Clickmusic News Desk

X Factor winner curse Sadako or Samara from The Ring

Ben Haenow's only just won The X Factor and the naysayers are already predicting a career apocalypse for the series 11 champion.

Over the course of the ITV show's 11 years on air, most of the winners have either been dropped or left Syco's tight grip under a dark cloud. But Ben said that's not going to happen to him and he pointed to Matt Cardle's three – soon to be four – successful albums as a positive example.

When asked what he thought of Steve Brookstein, Matt Cardle and the concept of 'The Winner's Curse' – *CUE SPOOKY NOISES* – Ben said: "I think both those guys – particularly Matt as well – he’s still working. He’s still out there because he went to a couple of events we were at during the competition. And he’s recording his fourth album I think now, so he is still definitely working."

"I think it’s about what you put into it and as I say he’s still going and I would like to be releasing my fourth album at some point. That would be great. I don’t feel people have said stuff about the curse of The X Factor and winning, but I really just feel in such a good place and so confident that I'm not worried at the moment."

Ben recently bagged himself the UK Christmas number one single with impressive first-week sales. Matt Cardle, meanwhile, is apparently working on new material for his fourth studio album, which will likely explore his stint in rehab earlier this year.