‘ARTPOP’ leak: has Lady GaGa’s tracklist just been revealed?

If the leak is accurate, the new album will feature collaborations with Azealia Banks and Beyoncé

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Posted 31st July 2013 in News, Lady GaGa | By Clickmusic News Desk

If you're hungry for more information about Lady GaGa's 'ARTPOP' album, this is your morning. A screenshot of the alleged tracklist has surfaced online and while any leak should be taken with a pinch of salt, there are a couple of interesting titles on there.

The tracklist includes 'Applause', as well as a Kendrick Lamar collaboration and a track that's sure to attract death threats: 'Burqa.' The album looks like it will feature collaborations from Azealia Banks and Beyoncé, too.

Lady GaGa rocked by ARTPOP tracklist leak

The tracklist is alleged to be:

1. 'We Could (ARTPOP)'
2. 'Far from You'
3. 'G.U.Y. (Girl Under You)'
5. 'Wheel' featuring Kendrick Lamar
6. 'Head Bang'
7. 'Superstar' featuring Beyoncé
8. 'Sleeping Beauty'
9. 'TEA'
10. 'Beautiful Swanness'
11. 'Ratchet' featuring Azealia Banks
12. 'Applause'
13. 'A Killer Affair'
14. 'Sex Dreams'
15. 'These Lips'

Hidden tracks:

16. 'Take One'
17. 'The Body Language'

We've reached out to the label for confirmation on the screenshot.

There are a few signs that this might be a fake:

1. DJ Zedd?!
2. The release date is wrong.
3. The recording dates are a bit wonky given that GaGa was recording 'Born This Way' in 2010.

GaGa teased fans ahead of her new single 'Applause' by posting the official Pierrot-influenced artwork earlier this week, which sent fans into a near-frenzied state.