American Idol Season 12: Lazaro Arbos delivers a Susan Boyle moment

The young singer battled through his stutter to give one of the best American Idol performances

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Posted 18th January 2013 in News, American Idol | By Clickmusic News Desk
American Idol Season 12: Lazaro Arbos delivers a Susan Boyle moment

It's a law of nature that people wearing bow-ties will melt your heart. Enter Cuban-born Lazaro Arbos on American Idol for this year's SuBo moment.

Lazaro got pride of place at the end of episode two as producers heaped on the schmaltz. Young Lazaro had a stutter, which began at age 6 and got worse as the family moved to Florida.

There were times during his chat with the judges where he could barely speak, looking visibly upset and frustrated that he couldn't articulate himself.

"Tell me about the way you speak: is that something you're working on?" Mariah asked.

"It's like a rollercoaster," he replied, barely able to get past the 'r' sound. Cue emotional VT with sad music.

"You can't let things get you down because you have to keep going."

Much like Gareth Gates, Lazaro could only overcome his crippling stutter when he sang. But the difference between those two singers is vocal ability. Where Gareth has a paper-thin pop voice, Lazaro has just the kind of voice to take him far in season 12.

The American Idol panel sat slack-jawed over his performance of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', Simon and Garfunkel's most emotive track.

Check out Lazaro and his bow-tie below: