American Idol 12: The Beatles week loser is Paul Jolley

Paul found himself in the bottom three with Devin and Amber

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Posted 22nd March 2013 in News, American Idol | By Clickmusic News Desk
American Idol 12: The Beatles week loser is Paul Jolley

Paul Jolley has been voted off American Idol season 12.

Things didn't look good for Paul when Jimmy Iovine unleashed an honest—some might say brutal—critique of the performer in the VT. He gave a maligned performance of 'Eleanor Rigby' on Wednesday night, a song which seemed to spell doom with every line he sang.

Paul was the first person to take position on The Stools of Despair, quickly followed by Devin Velez and former favourite Amber Holcomb. Amber's performance wasn't bad, but her choice of song seems to have gone against her.

"Amber should definitely not be in the bottom three," Nicki Minaj said. "We know you're great. You've gotta sell it now."

So poor Paul Jolley had to sing for the save in what we'll call a Going Through the Motions formality. The judges were never going to save such a vanilla singer, particularly not one whose performance and vocals have faced weekly criticism.

After struggling through the bigger notes of the classic rock song, the judges told him they wouldn't be using the save. There was no deliberation and it was pretty clear they weren't interested in seeing him sing for another week.

What do you think of the result?