Duels, 93 Feet East, London

No more jerky indie stuff - this is guitar based electro tramp rock of epic proportions.

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Date: 12 Apr 2007 | By Caroline Charles | Rating: 4
Duels, 93 Feet East, London

This Is Fake DIY Live claims to bring the best of new music to the masses, and this 93 Feet East gig did not disappoint. Strange Idols and Theoretical Girl open the show with some female fronted art pop. As bright and breezy as the weather outside in London town, Strange Idols trip along with shambolic charm through a set including recent single 'She's Gonna Let You Down Again', while Theoretical Girl go one step further to build up the crowd to meet and greet the hugely anticipated main support The Lodger. Theoretical Girl (seemingly the musical love child of Nick Drake and Charlotte Hatherley) have quite a following, and it's easy to see why. She's edgy and quirky with a unique London-centric sound which punks up her sweet female voice over some mean bass lines. Songs such as 'The Hypocrite' do this with finesse, and she has a clear infectious love for performing live.

Another product of the thriving Leeds scene, The Lodger dazzle the crowd with witty lyrics and some sharp drum beats from drummer extraordinaire Katie. Having embarked on a tour supporting The Long Blondes in February this year, the three-piece indie outfit have a style which embodies the best of their contemporary Northern roots, but whilst also sounding fresh and incomparable. They're no ground-breaking band, but marvellous live. Lyrically Smiths-like, but energetic and sharp.

Now, Duels have been around for a while and last toured in 2006 promoting first album 'The Bright Lights And What I Should Have Learned'. With a set dedicated to their new material, their live return was quite a coup for Fake DIY to secure.

Opening with newbie 'The Furies' completely changed everyone's minds about what sound they thought was going to come from this band. No more jerky indie stuff - this is guitar based electro tramp rock of epic proportions. If Led Zeppelin were releasing their second album in 2007, this is what they'd sound like. Beards a-plenty (apart from perennially immaculate Katherine on keyboards and vocals of course), lead singer/guitarist Jon Foulger belts out this song with such desperation and ferocity it results in goosebumps.

Moving through other new tracks 'Sleeping Giants', 'The Healing', 'Wolvesland' and 'Regeneration', a song which sees a continuation of their newfound depth in musicality. Duels still have a unique sound which adds to the mystique of this seemingly new band. Just to remind us who they were, Duels then throw in the best of the rest in 'I, Mosquito', 'The Slow Build', and end with the crowd embracing song 'Brothers and Sisters'.

Listening to these older tracks puts the new ones into perspective; this is not actually a massive departure in their sound, it's possibly the most natural progression you'll ever hear.