Charlie Simpson: It’s Going To Be An Exciting Year

What good timing - just as we're about to publish an interview with Charlie Simpson, the internet becomes rife with rumours of a Busted reunion...

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Posted 11th March 2010 in Features & Reviews, Fightstar | By Roop Pardesi

What good timing - just as we're about to publish an interview with Charlie Simpson, the internet becomes rife with rumours of a Busted reunion (see: here, here, here and here, for example).

Unfortunately, we carried out this interview back in January, so there's not a great deal of comment on it. In fact, when asked about his plans he mentions about a million different projects (and that's a rough estimate), none of which include Matt Willis nor James Bourne, giving the distinct impression he barely has time for having his tea, let alone rising his old band from the dead.

Anyway, without further ado, here's Charlie.

What will the year 2010 bring for Fightstar?
I think that 2009 was a massive year for us as musicians and as a band, we managed our first top twenty album in the UK charts with the release of our third studio album Be Human which personally was an incredible achievement. In terms of the future, we're looking to release a deluxe special edition re-release of Be Human this February which will also be accompanied with a live DVD and footage from our recent acoustic gig in Northampton. We've got ourselves a UK tour this February to perhaps coincide and promote the new release. I'm sure that throughout the year Al and myself will continue to write and demo some new material for a future record. Personally, I'm hoping to release an acoustic solo record towards the latter stages of 2010, whilst my two older brothers will also be looking to release albums. It's going to be a big and extremely exciting year!

Obviously last year we lost a legend in Michael Jackson, did he have an influence on you, and were you a fan of his music?
It's so surreal because I can recall exactly what I was doing at the time of initially hearing about Michael's passing. I just remember a feeling of emptiness, a seemingly unimaginable hollow feeling that just engulfed me during that moment. As an adolescent, I was heavily influenced by artists such as Jackson Browne, Nirvana, Deftones and such, but gradually I started to discover the wonderful simplicity, the lyrical eloquence and the supurbly crafted lyrics within records such as Thriller, Bad and Off the Wall. All just such fantastic and magnificent records that I'm sure will forever stand the test of time and ever changing state of the music industry.

Are Fightstar planning to tour the US any time soon?
This is such a difficult question to answer, what people have to remember is that we haven't been out to the US since 2007. We were on a major label and thus Island could more than afford the expenses that it would take to fund a US tour. We're now independent artists and it's so much more difficult to predict when we're going to get out to the US and to other parts of the world. It's something that fans are understandably upset about, but we're always discussing the possibility and it's constantly in the forefront of our minds. I will say that we're hugely excited about the prospect of coming back and to see all our fans in the states again. We can't wait!

Are there plans for a solo project? Also, is the project with your brothers still going ahead?
There will definitely be a solo record at some stage. I'm currently writing songs specifically for this project. At this stage it's just a bunch of rough demos, incomplete verses and just general ideas that I've formulated and since archived. It's predominantly acoustic and influenced by Jackson Browne's solo acoustic volumes. Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to create an acoustic record so it'll be nice to finally achieve that. As for the collaboration project with my brothers, Once Upon a Deadman, that will more than likely happen when we all feel that it's the right time. It's exceptionally difficult at the moment due to all three of us having bands and our own individual priorities and schedules. It's going to eventuate, but just when we all feel that the time is right.

Are there any particular musical directions that you or the band hope to explore in the future, that you haven't already?
I believe that it's a little early to begin to comment on the future musical direction of Fightstar. When we all come together to begin to write and demo new material for an upcoming release, that's when we'll have a more accurate answer to your question. I was recently asked if Fightstar would ever consider incorporating jazz influences into our music. All fantastic questions, but unfortunately a little early to discuss. I don't want to give details and then months later end up doing something else entirely different to what I'd originally stated.

Are you going to be at any festivals this summer?
Hopefully! I can't actually give away any information as announcements haven't been made to the general public as of yet. We've been contacted and I'm sure we'll find our way to at least a few of these summer festivals. It's always so much fun and you get to meet all the other bands and the fans that come to see you perform. Some of our best and favourite memories are during these festivals. It'll be amazing to get back out there again.

Fightstar have just released the deluxe version of their new album 'Be Human', which includes four new tracks and a one hour DVD.