Cat The Dog

The Brighton-based rockers tell us about haunted recording studios and being rock 'n' roll with Eagles Of Death Metal.

Posted 5th September 2007 in Features & Reviews | By Becky Reed

We caught up with Cat The Dog just before they supported Eagles Of Death Metal at Koko. The Brighton band have just released their debut AA-side 'I'm A Romantic'/'Devil In Me', and we spoke to singer Chris and bassist Dan. They attempt to tell us about being rock 'n' roll, how they formed, and their friendship with The Kooks...

Dan, how are you recovering from your sprained wrist?
Dan: Alright! It was just a scuffle with a taxi driver... I don't want to condone violence though! I've tweaked it before. We cancelled some gigs as we wanted to make sure the London ones were explosive, and blew people away. We're all good now.

How did you come together, as two of you are from Toronto?
Chris: That's right, Andy [drums] and I are. We came over as we wanted to start a band. That's the main story, the fact that we're a band now. We came over to the UK as that's the place to be. We came to London, then a month later we moved down to Brighton, and came across Dan and Daryl jamming. You know, everybody jams.
Dan: Daryl and I were living together in this musical squat, and the others came and hung out, and here we are today!

What stroke of inspiration gave you your name?
Dan: I dunno, do you want to answer that one Andy?
Chris: Something easy to remember. Eagles Of Death Metal... Cat The Dog.
Dan: Yeah, it should be an animal name! It's almost like we came up with the name because people are going to ask about it! There's not supposed to be a meaning to it. Too many people put a lot of pressure on the name thing. You can make of it what you will. We like to use the initials a lot of the time - CTD. It means a lot more to us. Cat The Dog is nonsense.

You're friends with The Kooks - is a collaboration likely?
Chris: We wouldn't rule it out! We've jammed with them a lot.
Dan: There might be some really, really rare stuff that someone might be able to find on the internet!
Chris: We have played together quite a bit.
Dan: We had a really good tour with them last year.

How was Download festival for you?
Dan: Download was an amazing experience.
Chris: We were on at 11am, so it was the earliest gig we've ever played.
Dan: We managed to play, and we were upright when we finished! We got some free tattoos as well.

Who have been your most rock 'n' roll tourmates so far?
Dan: [to Andy] Is it right to talk about the incidents that have happened? We've not been surprised by anybody yet.
Chris: We've out-rock 'n' rolled everybody we've toured with.

You're playing with Eagles Of Death Metal tonight - have you met them yet?
Chris: We have! The last time they played at the Astoria. We went and chased them up because we love them. We followed them to the hotel... We were ordering bottles of champagne to Jesse's room, and Jesse walked in and we said "hey, we've just ordered drinks to your room", and he was like "rock on man", and we just carried on. We do have the same booking agents, so that's why we've ended up playing together.

Have you finished your debut album?
Chris: Pretty much, yeah. It's going to be an early release next year.
Dan: We recorded it in a studio just outside of Reading. Crazy. A really weird experience. Some great times there. We recorded it over six weeks, with no time off. A kind of community started! It's a really weird place, and lots of weird shit went on. I've never been as scared in my life as I was some nights there.
Chris: Basically, we lived in a haunted house for six weeks! Things would move.

Are there going to be subliminal messages that have found themselves on your album?
Dan: Yeah, that's what we thought! There were moments where it was like, "I don't remember putting that on there".
Chris: There were a lot of unexplainable things!

Which songs on the album are you most excited about people hearing?
Dan: We have a lot of love for 'Wonderful World'.

What can people who've never seen you before expect from your live show?
Dan: We're quite no holds-barred. We've done a lot of things that have got us thrown out of places, and banned. We don't really care about what happens. There's a lot of 'anything goes' at our gigs. I'm not saying we're forcing it. Some nights we're nice and calm, and nothing happens. Some nights we'll get thrown out. We can't go back to Birmingham anymore. Quite a few places in Brighton as well. I'd say what we do is unexpected. Come if you want to see a rock 'n' roll show!