Whitney Houston vs Chromeo ‘When The Night Knows’

Whitney Houston gets a posthumous electro-funk tribute in a mash-up with Chromeo.

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Posted 15th February 2012 in Features & Reviews, Whitney Houston | By Paul Leake

If Whitney Houston's talents became overshadowed towards the end of her life, her death should bring a celebration of the unique talent and voice that wowed generations.

Early this morning, a track found its way to Click Music and has been on repeat periodically throughout the day. Whitney Houston's death has seen a slew of musical tributes. Some of these have been touching, some surreal and others have been unspeakably bad. There have only been a few that celebrated her musical career and lauded it for the sheer joy that Whitney had brought at the very beginning.

HoodInternet has taken one of Whitney's signature songs and swirled it into the gloriously euphoric electro-funk of Chromeo. The result is infectious and undeniably good as one of Houston's most upbeat numbers is raised into the heavens by exuberant synthesisers.

The best Whitney Houston tribute we've heard yet.