Track of the day: Alex G’s ‘Soaker’ is drenched in atmosphere

It's an antidote to the insincere ballads that spring up everywhere around Christmas

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Posted 30th November 2014 in Features & Reviews, Alex G
Alex G

The run-up to Christmas is usually over-saturated with a load of insincere, faux-moody ballads that evaporate into nothing, but we've just discovered something special in 21-year-old Alex G's new song. 'Soaker' is Alex's attempt at reconciling his deep relationship frustrations in a song that's drenched in atmosphere.

He said the track is ultimately about longing: "It's about a relationship where I just couldn't connect with something. I was frustrated when I wrote it."

It may be about negative emotions, but Alex's conversational, almost playful style stops it from feeling overbearing. His subtle guitar rift just drifts along in the background, creating a rich and palpable atmosphere along the way.

Listen to 'Soaker' below: