The Voice UK episode four live blog: Alice Fredenham tries to cause a spin

We blog the highs and lows of episode four of the BBC show

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Posted 20th April 2013 in Features & Reviews, The Voice UK

It's Saturday, it's after 6pm, which can mean only one thing: it's time to strap yourself into the spinning chairs. We're now on episode four of the auditions and tonight will see Britain's Got Talent success story Alice Fredenham try her luck on the show.

21:25: Jessie has eight contestants, Will and Tom have seven each. That's it for tonight. Let us know what you thought about this week's contestants in the comments below.

21:23: I love the fact Jessie just shunned him. And rightly so... He just dissed Sir Tom and Jessica Jay. Danny was the safe choice; Will could have done something much better with him.

21:17: I don't like the way this is going. Karl Michael seems a little bit cheesy for my taste. No one beats Annie Lennox's version of this.

Well, it picked up towards the end. That's all that matters.

21:16: Tom and Jessie think she needs a little time.

21:11: HUMAN LEAGUE! Someone should press their button just for that. Jessica's one of the strongest tonight, but are they setting her up for disappointment? It's too much. TOO MUCH.

21:08: Florence and the Machine from Laura Oakes. Coaches don't seem too bothered by her performance, but she's got some potential. Danny would do best with a singer like her. Lovely jacket, though.

21:05: I'd like to see Louis Bloody Walsh try to decipher the key of a song on the X Factor. His version of musical critique starts and stops with racially inappropriate comparisons.

21:01: David seems like a nice bloke, but no. You can't do Bowie. No, no, no. Lots of close-ups of unpressed buttons to accompany the ballad. Sad, sad music.

20:57: The coaches are champing for these two. I'd say Will could be a great choice, but Jessie and Tom offer strengths as well. Danny wouldn't be right; not sure what he'd do with them.

And Carla and Barbara will join... TEAM WILL!

20:54: I would never have expected Will to turn around on an operatic duo. Motorcycles, opera and Oriental jackets. I'm pleasantly surprised by these two, even if they do look like Chinese assassins.

20:53: Duos can be tricky on this show. This one might surprise, but I get the feeling it's going to be weird.

20:51: Danny: "If I'd turned around, would you have gone with me?"

Singer: "No."

No matter how hard I try, I can never remember their names.

20:48: After cycling through some also-rans, we're back onto something decent. Sir Tom is into this, so is Danny. Tom managed to get in there at the end with a sneaky WHACK of his magical chair button.

The accent was a bit of a surprise.

Are things about to kick off here? He just smacked Jessica down.

20:40: Points for picking an original song choice and doing something different with it. Somewhere, Kevin Bacon is dancing. It was obvious from the first mention of his tics that he wasn't going through.

20:38: Willy's bag of tricks is coming out now. I get the feeling Jessie's losing patience with him this series.

20:34: Decent, but not as good as William Shatner's version of 'Common People'. Fact.

20:32: Let's not forget how difficult it is to spell a name with your body.

20:28: A little bit squeaky in places, but she started off well with an Al Green standard. Three judges turned round for her. looked a little bit bored throughout. He didn't turn round because he thought she sounded small until the end of her cover.

Here we go again with the competition from the spinning chairs. Jessie is pulling the female card; Danny's getting pissy. FIGHT!

20:25: Danny just resurrected The Mask with his "smokin'" comment. Not quite sure how I feel about that.

20:23: We know Alice isn't getting through, so there's a weird vibe to this audition. The judges seem into it, complete with shoulder wiggles from Jessica J. She holds the microphone in a bit of a weird way. A little bit like an actress in an adult film.

Jessie didn't turn around because Alice didn't sing to "make them listen". Danny says she's safe despite putting through a couple of other safe singers.