The rise of glamping: luxury camping at UK music festivals

Sometimes it's worth paying extra just for the hot showers and hairdryers, right?

Posted 14th July 2014 in Features & Reviews | By Paul Leake
The rise of glamping: luxury camping at UK music festivals

You can't blame The Only Way is Essex for the boom in glamping. With the British weather growing more unpredictable every year, a big number of festival-goers don't want the hassle of putting up a tent while their stuff gets soaked by rain. They want to arrive at the festival and start having fun straight away without trying to figure out which plastic stick goes where or having to dig out tent pegs from a mountain of clothes, toiletries and booze.

There's no getting away from it: boutique camping costs more on top of your weekend ticket. But you do get plenty back for your money, including the opportunity to shower without waiting endlessly for your raffle ticket to be called. With glamping on the rise, here are the best options to make sure your festival experience is chilled and comfortable.

Tangerine Fields

Clickmusic UK festival luxury camping presents TANGERINE FIELDS

If you want some luxury in your camping experience, but you also want value for your money, Tangerine Fields are a godsend. They put your tent up for you before you arrive, so all you need to do is throw your stuff inside and start enjoying yourself. They're usually set up near Mr Trolley trolley hire, too, so you can wheel your stuff to the campsite quickly instead of stopping every five minutes under the crushing weight of your bags and booze.

If you absolutely can't be without home comforts like access to hot showers, hairdryers, straighteners and chargers - not to mention private toilets that don't look like an explosion at a sewage works - Tangerine is a must. They even carry your bags for you without you having to cry.

How much does it cost?
A two-person tent costs £130.

Festivals: Creamfields, Camp Bestival, Latitude, Global Gathering, Green Man, Bestival and more.


Boutique camping at UK festivals PODPADS

Podpads are for those who can't bear to give up their technology even for a minute. They're little pods with a door, roof, power supply and a bed inside. It looks like a cross between a doll's house and a kennel, but the beds are comfortable and you have your own lights inside. So you won't have to endure the never-ending misery of getting changed in the dark while trying to hold a torch in your mouth and find your pyjama bottoms. They have lots of different kinds of pads, ranging from roomy tents to the mini-houses - all come with private camping, security and separate shower facilities.

How much does it cost?
The Bellepad (sleeps two) starts from £295.

Festivals: Camp Bestival, Latitude, V Festival, Reading & Leeds Festivals, Creamfields, Melt, Bestival and more.

Cloudhouses and Tipis

Clickmusic UK festival luxury camping feature TIPIS, CLOUDHOUSES and YURTS

There are loads of different companies hiring tipis, yurts and squrts at summer festivals now, so it all varies depending on the festival. They give you much more room than a standard tent does with added extras like cots, and they're incredibly cool compared to the oven effect you get in a standard plastic tent. These are a blessing if you're planning to take loads of stuff with you.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary depending on the supplier. But if you're going in a big group, you can spread the cost between a few of you and make it worthwhile.

Cloudhouse (Yurts and Squrts): Camp Bestival, Bestival, The Glade, The Secret Garden Party and more.

Tipis: Latitude, Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival and Bestival, Cornbury Festival, Red Rooster, Electric Picnic, Into the Wild and many more. For a full list of festivals with tipis, visit Eve and Hearthworks