The best new songs this week: Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Mariah, Mark Owen and more

We pick the best new music for your playlist, including some tantalising remixes from Flight Facilities and CHVRCHES

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Posted 7th May 2013 in Features & Reviews, Vampire Weekend | By Paul Leake
The best new songs this week: Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Mariah, Mark Owen and more

The sun's out, the rain has stopped and festival season is so close that we can practically reach out and lick it. It's a great week for new music, so we've picked out our favourites just for you.

Lauryn Hill: 'Neurotic Society' (Compulsory Mix)

Lauryn's return sees her as vocal and angry as we've ever known her. She may be facing money trouble and a three-month prison sentence, but her new single is a commentary on a society she feels is rotting from the inside. She also gets points for managing to bite the hand that gave her $1m.

Vampire Weekend: 'Ya Hey'

This straightforward indie ballad from New York's finest could be the embodiment of a 'grower'. Weird at first, 'Ya Hey' settles into a stride as it rolls onto five minutes of feather-light bliss. And yes, the rest of the songs on their album are as good as this one.

Mariah Carey: '#Beautiful'

She may not be winning over new fans on American Idol with her incessant hashtagging, but Mariah Carey is officially back, folks. This sun-soaked slice of vintage R&B makes Mariah sound better than she has in over a decade. It's already a fixture on our playlist and it's only been out for a few days.

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Mark Owen: 'Stars'

We're light years away from songs like 'Clementine' and 'Four Minute Warning' here, putting Mark Owen into a percussive song that lifts off from the end of the first verse.

MGMT: 'Alien Days'

'One foot leads to another / nights for sleep / blue curtains, covers...' muse MGMT on their new single. 'Alien Days' showcases the pure poetry that has defined the band since we first saw them all those years ago.

Flight Facilities: 'I Didn't Believe' featuring Elizabeth Rose

Electronic disco-funk is well and truly the sound of 2013. Flight Facilities' collaboration with Elizabeth Rose brings that funk like they just crashed a spaceship from the planet Funkotron.

MS MR: 'Hurricane' (CHVRCHES remix)

MS MR's original is good, but it's a darker offering than this remix from CHVRCHES, who manage to lift the track with some bright electronic flourishes. It goes well with sunny days and a cold glass of Pimm's.

Queens of the Stone Age: 'I Appear Missing'

They unveiled the lurid animated video yesterday and caused quite a stir online, but 'I Appear Missing' keeps sorrowful rock at a simmer throughout.

Pascal Pinon: 'Bloom'

Pascal Pinon's music is so intimate that it can sometimes feel invasive, but stick with it. On 'Bloom', the Icelandic duo offer up a creation that feels distantly sad, imposing and irresistibly good.

Editors: 'A Ton of Love'

Editors are back with a strangely upbeat new sound. Chris Urbanowicz may be gone and their sound may not be as hard-edged as it once was, but 'A Ton of Love' marks the start of a fresh new chapter for the band in their 11th year.

What's made its way onto your playlist this week?