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  1. The Charlatans - Forever - The Singles

    The Charlatans - Forever - The Singles

    This singles collection is a must for any ardent Charlatans fan. It is not merely a greatest hits, but a collection of their finest work.

    Posted 6th November 2006

  2. Damien Rice - 9

    Damien Rice - 9

    Think you know Irish singer songwriter Damien Rice as the golden boy of moody acoustic songs? Well, his new album proves it is time to reconsider.

    Posted 6th November 2006

  3. The Divine Comedy, Roundhouse, London

    Neil Hannon is in high spirits tonight, which is all the better for setting the scene for his tales of love, lust and lost property.

    Posted 6th November 2006

  4. The Young Knives, Astoria, London

    The Young Knives take you back to the Britpop era when you first witnessed Pulp or Blur exploding with superfluous energy.

    Posted 31st October 2006

  5. Vincent Vincent and the Villains - Johnny Two Bands

    Vincent Vincent and the Villains - Johnny Two Bands

    Yes, it could be seen as being 'good', but it is, in effect, music that could have been strummed any time in the past twenty years.

    Posted 31st October 2006

  6. Paramore - Pressure

    Paramore - Pressure

    This is a great track to slam about to, drive to, or just sit and listen to. Perfect for the break-up season, 'Pressure' is sure to be a success.

    Posted 30th October 2006

  7. Larrikin Love - Happy As Annie

    Larrikin Love - Happy As Annie

    It delivers all that you'd expect from Larrikin Love, balancing easy-to-listen-to lyrics with jerky rhythms and powerful riffs.

    Posted 30th October 2006

  8. The View - Superstar Tradesman

    The View - Superstar Tradesman

    It's rock-and-rolla indie-punk with some hooks and not much else to it, although seems decisively less contrived than many other chart-bothering 'indie' groups out there.

    Posted 27th October 2006

  9. Juliette And The Licks - Hot Kiss

    Juliette And The Licks - Hot Kiss

    Her vocals do nothing to salvage what is, on the whole, a pretty mediocre pop-rock song with pseudo-metal riffs that hardly change throughout.

    Posted 27th October 2006

  10. White Rose Movement - Love Is A Number

    White Rose Movement - Love Is A Number

    It's very danceable, and probably would go down better in a snooty indie club than in your living room, and while suitably epic is rather disposable, and unlikely to last longer than a few listens.

    Posted 27th October 2006

  11. Pet Shop Boys - Numb

    Pet Shop Boys - Numb

    'Numb' is the typical electronic pop sound we've come to know and love, but the tempo is much slower than most of the duo's back catalogue, having more of a dark ballad feel.

    Posted 27th October 2006

  12. The Automatic - Recover

    The Automatic - Recover

    On this evidence, The Automatic hardly deserve to filed in the one-hit-wonder drawer, and instead should be played in indie discos throughout the land.

    Posted 26th October 2006

  13. Top 5: Pulp

    How can a measly five be chosen out of a rich array of such magnificent anthems?

    Posted 24th October 2006

  14. Milburn, Brixton Academy, London

    Wouldn't it be nice to read a Milburn review without hearing mention of a certain other Sheffield band? Well, here goes...

    Posted 24th October 2006

  15. Summer Sundae Festival, De Montfort Hall, Leicester

    This is a weekend to see the best local and national rising talent, and it puts on one hell of a show...

    Posted 24th October 2006