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  1. Switches - Drama Queen

    Switches - Drama Queen

    We should all be jolly grateful to Switches who arrive not a moment too soon, ready and willing to set their guitars to 'loud', their choruses to 'bouncy' and their haircuts to 'creative'.

    Posted 22nd January 2007

  2. Koopa - Blag, Steal Or Borrow

    Koopa - Blag, Steal Or Borrow

    At Clickmusic we worry about pop so you don't have to, so here is your pocket-sized guide to the Koopa debate for use when the issue arises at dinner parties.

    Posted 22nd January 2007

  3. Sadie Ama - Fallin’

    Sadie Ama - Fallin’

    It's a run of the mill song with nothing spectacular about it and would perhaps be better suited to a b-side or an album track, rather than a debut single.

    Posted 22nd January 2007

  4. The Good, the Bad and the Queen

    The Good, the Bad and the Queen

    With Danger Mouse - the man with the musical Midas touch - overseeing proceedings, Albarn has ensured that this new project certainly looks good on paper.

    Posted 19th January 2007

  5. Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

    Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

    There's no ripping up the Kaiser Chiefs rulebook, but rather a very posh reprint with a few extra chapters on the end.

    Posted 18th January 2007

  6. Jamie T - Panic Prevention

    Jamie T - Panic Prevention

    It is both chaotic and calculated, and you're never sure if it all works because of some glorious happy accident or something approaching genius.

    Posted 16th January 2007

  7. Fall Out Boy - This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race

    Fall Out Boy - This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race

    Fall Out Boy appear to have finally grown up! We'll be taking them off our 'guilty pleasures' list and slapping them straight on the stereo.

    Posted 15th January 2007

  8. Damien Rice - Rootless Tree

    Damien Rice - Rootless Tree

    Every key change and chorus can be spotted three minutes before it happens, and the overall effect sounds like the soundtrack to a dinner party rather than a lovelorn cry for help.

    Posted 15th January 2007

  9. Interview: Cute Is What We Aim For

    Currently on their first UK headline tour, we catch up with the boys to discuss touring, dirty laundry, and, er, Westlife...

    Posted 13th January 2007

  10. The Enemy

    The Enemy

    The Enemy set the record straight about white jeans, politics and music, and the tribute to their mates that is 'It's Not Ok'.

    Posted 13th January 2007

  11. Big In 2007: The Wombats

    Big In 2007: The Wombats

    Gloriously anthemic indie-pop from this unsigned Liverpool trio.

    Posted 12th January 2007

  12. Big In 2007: Cold War Kids

    Big In 2007: Cold War Kids

    Creating a huge buzz both sides of the Atlantic, this blues-influenced indie band release their debut album in the UK this year.

    Posted 12th January 2007

  13. MIKA - Grace Kelly

    MIKA - Grace Kelly

    'Grace Kelly' is colourful, opulent, grandiose pop at its best - a full-bodied track with an epic Queen-esque sound.

    Posted 12th January 2007

  14. Big In 2007: Kubichek!

    Big In 2007: Kubichek!

    Seen on tour with The Futureheads, this Newcastle band share their post-punk sound.

    Posted 11th January 2007

  15. Big In 2007: Enter Shikari

    Big In 2007: Enter Shikari

    Post-hardcore trance? Sounds wrong, but is so right. Sold-out headline shows mean big things in 2007 for Enter Shikari.

    Posted 11th January 2007