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  1. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

    Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

    If 'Funeral' was ironic and goofily playful - enacting intensely romantic and emotional mind games in a sleepy snowed-under neighbourhood, then 'Neon Bible' is earnest and moralistically cynical.

    Posted 5th March 2007

  2. James Yorkston - Woozy With Cider

    James Yorkston - Woozy With Cider

    'Woozy With Cider' is a gorgeously honest piece of poetry mumbled over soft electronic effects, that resemble The Postal Service.

    Posted 2nd March 2007

  3. Bloom - Shoulder To Cry On

    Bloom - Shoulder To Cry On

    When a song is picked up for an anti-bullying campaign, it's a pretty safe bet it is not going to be an upbeat number; however, that shouldn't detract from its merits.

    Posted 2nd March 2007

  4. IV Thieves - If We Can’t Escape My Pretty

    IV Thieves - If We Can’t Escape My Pretty

    Listening to the whole album in one sitting is the aural equivalent of being force fed Weetabix for forty minutes.

    Posted 2nd March 2007

  5. Shiny Toy Guns, Astoria, London

    The Rapture's fans are treated tonight with this hugely entertaining and polished band - one that remembers what it is to strive to put on a good show and make the effort to improve on their recorded material.

    Posted 1st March 2007

  6. The Black Keys - You’re The One

    The Black Keys - You’re The One

    The simple uncomplicated melody couldn't overload your senses if it tried, but the percussion gives just enough rhythm to get your foot tapping.

    Posted 1st March 2007

  7. Stop With The Nu Rave Already!

    Our reviewer leaves the NME Indie Rave Tour very disgruntled: 'The media and young kids believing it is one thing, but when the bands start to, it's gone very wrong.'

    Posted 28th February 2007

  8. Polytechnic - Cold Hearted Business

    Polytechnic - Cold Hearted Business

    Sure, their sound isn't groundbreaking, and this isn't leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, but they show enough originality to rouse a smile from even the most jaded of indie fans.

    Posted 28th February 2007

  9. Electric Spoon - You

    Electric Spoon - You

    'You' possesses a simple sophistication that many acoustic collectives and artists are unable to achieve.

    Posted 28th February 2007

  10. Jet - Shine On

    Jet - Shine On

    Jet can be an excellent band when up-tempo and shredding their own vocal chords for the cause, but this average-at-best kind of song does them no favours.

    Posted 27th February 2007

  11. Brand New, Carling Academy, Birmingham

    Jesse Lacey saunters onto the stage. He looks understated and entirely unremarkable, wearing a striped hoodie, toting a shaved head and clutching his guitar like a weapon.

    Posted 27th February 2007

  12. The Pigeon Detectives - Romantic Type

    The Pigeon Detectives - Romantic Type

    This is indie pop at its very finest; many more tracks like this and The Pigeon Detectives are in danger of becoming absolutely huge this year.

    Posted 26th February 2007

  13. Clark - Ted EP

    Clark - Ted EP

    The EP opens with the title track, 'Ted', a Hot Chip-esque sounding, hollow synth-coated track, layering the stomp and drag bassline with drum echoes and hand claps.

    Posted 26th February 2007

  14. Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob

    Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob

    This is a band that have proved their staying power - anyone thinking Kaiser Chiefs were a flash in the pan should be eating humble pie right now.

    Posted 26th February 2007

  15. Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

    Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

    'The Magic Position', Wolf's third album, goes where he's never gone before in the hope of finally waking the nation up to his talent - this is his stepping out record.

    Posted 23rd February 2007