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  1. Electrelane - To The East

    Electrelane - To The East

    The first release from their upcoming fourth album, 'No Shouts, No Calls', sees the group maintain their impressively low-key production.

    Posted 9th March 2007

  2. Brakes - Cease And Desist

    Brakes - Cease And Desist

    There is certainly a stateside lilt to the track though, and the bands recent decampment to Nashville has obviously left a big impression.

    Posted 9th March 2007

  3. Jet, Hammersmith Apollo, London

    As Nic Cester sends his vocal chords towards some sort of surgery the band remain somewhat static on stage, due to their individual vocal duties, and let the light display provide the spectacle.

    Posted 9th March 2007

  4. Howling Bells - A Low Happening

    Howling Bells - A Low Happening

    The most striking element of the song is the silky yet sultry vocals of Juanita Stein, which in parts could easily be mistaken as being the dulcet tones of PJ Harvey.

    Posted 8th March 2007

  5. Oom - Reliable Friend

    Oom - Reliable Friend

    The beautiful, fragile vocals of Debbie Clare are teamed with chunky guitar chords and a sinister back beat, making comparisons to Massive Attack or Portishead inevitable.

    Posted 8th March 2007

  6. LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver

    LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver

    A great second instalment from the dance producer, giving a good idea of where the evolution of the genre will be heading.

    Posted 8th March 2007

  7. The Rakes - We Danced Together

    The Rakes - We Danced Together

    'We Danced Together' is erratic in the best way possible, a real victory from one of Britain's most overlooked bands.

    Posted 7th March 2007

  8. Tokyo Police Club - Cheer It On

    Tokyo Police Club - Cheer It On

    Tokyo Police Club's latest single reveals a skilful, savvy band self-consciously re-working The Strokes' winning formula.

    Posted 7th March 2007

  9. Shiny Toy Guns

    Shiny Toy Guns

    We spoke to Jeremy about the forthcoming Fall Out Boy support, why the time was right to sign to a major label, and missing out on Britney Spears.

    Posted 7th March 2007

  10. The Maccabees NME Awards Show

    As the crowd bounce and sing along to favourites such as 'X Ray' and 'Lego', it is easy to see The Maccabees love what they do and are enjoying every minute of their tenure on stage.

    Posted 6th March 2007

  11. Brett Anderson - Love is Dead

    Brett Anderson - Love is Dead

    As singles go, 'Love is Dead' is unremarkable, and in terms of production it merely hints at a wall-of-sound approach without ever committing to Scott Walker style grandiosity.

    Posted 6th March 2007

  12. Leon Jean Marie - Scratch

    Leon Jean Marie - Scratch

    'Scratch' is a great debut single, proving that, as predicted, he is destined for big things.

    Posted 6th March 2007

  13. The Ponys - Turn The Lights Out

    The Ponys - Turn The Lights Out

    Although the overall sound is far less lo-fi than previous albums, there is still the impression of a garage band who have just discovered a keyboard and few new effect pedals.

    Posted 6th March 2007

  14. Mr Hudson and The Library - A Tale Of Two Cities

    Mr Hudson and The Library - A Tale Of Two Cities

    'A Tale Of Two Cities' could have been the album Mike Skinner would have made if he had been privately educated, had learnt to play instruments and had a penchant for Radio 2.

    Posted 5th March 2007

  15. Air - Once Upon A Time

    Air - Once Upon A Time

    They still use chilled out, down-tempo electronica to their advantage, and subtle cymbals and synths are there to create a celestial feel to their sound.

    Posted 5th March 2007