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  1. Mumm-Ra - Out Of The Question

    Mumm-Ra - Out Of The Question

    'Out Of The Question' is not merely just another ready-to-be-hyped single, instead it's a new song for the bridge between indie and pop.

    Posted 20th October 2006

  2. Patrick Wolf - Accident & Emergency

    Patrick Wolf - Accident & Emergency

    Who was it that said 'less is more'? We've no idea, but in this instance it rings true: 'Accident & Emergency' is a piece of pie without a succulent enough filling.

    Posted 19th October 2006

  3. SixNationState - Fire

    SixNationState - Fire

    A fantastic mix of rock, punk and ska, 'Fire!' certainly lives up to expectations. The raw vocals wouldn't be out of place in a Dublin pub, and are simple enough to incite a sing along on the first play.

    Posted 18th October 2006

  4. Klaxons - Magick

    Klaxons - Magick

    'Magick' is definitely more indie anthem than Prodigy-esque tabloid-teaser, but it's probably way past questioning all that: what we do know is that it's a sure-fire hit.

    Posted 17th October 2006

  5. Various - Live Lounge

    Various - Live Lounge

    It seems like a good idea; Radio 1's Live Lounge has provided some memorable cover versions in the recent past: 'Naive' as sung by Lily Allen made her latest single 'LDN' as a B-side.

    Posted 17th October 2006

  6. Bauer - EP

    Bauer - EP

    It remains to be seen if Bauer can stand out from the crowd, but it's a decent debut that should cement their fanbase.

    Posted 17th October 2006

  7. Luxembourg - Sick Of DIY

    Luxembourg - Sick Of DIY

    The only question is whether we've heard it all before from Luxembourg, but we're too busy enjoying it to care.

    Posted 16th October 2006

  8. Switches

    On The Buses: October 2006

    We might well know what the music they play sounds like, but what do they listen to between gigs? Clickmusic asked some of our favourite acts right now.

    Posted 13th October 2006

  9. Wolfmother - Love Train

    Wolfmother - Love Train

    Although initially your rock dreams have all been answered at once, the honeymoon period is soon over and you'll be longing for something a bit different.

    Posted 13th October 2006

  10. The Bluetones - The Bluetones

    The Bluetones - The Bluetones

    This eponymous record is such a fantastic collection of genuine, heart-swelling songs, devoid of hidden agenda or pretence, that it would be a loss to the human race if it were to go unnoticed.

    Posted 13th October 2006

  11. Psapp - Hi

    Psapp - Hi

    The melody itself is quite pleasant despite the little connection with the aforementioned Disney film. Singer Galicat Durrant has a pretty nice voice that compliments the tune well.

    Posted 10th October 2006

  12. Milburn - Well Well Well

    Milburn - Well Well Well

    It's not a bad album but it suffers from being hit and miss - the next track could be great, or a bland indie-by-numbers.

    Posted 9th October 2006

  13. Be Your Own Pet - Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle

    Be Your Own Pet - Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle

    Take this track at face value and you won't be disappointed, as it is best summed up by the band themselves: ''We're fast, we're fast, we're having a blast''.

    Posted 5th October 2006

  14. Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire

    Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire

    Album highlights 'Dead Meat', 'Parachute' and the title track are sweetly woozy, melancholic strums that are so laid-back, they’re damn near horizontal.

    Posted 5th October 2006

  15. Imogen Heap - Headlock

    Imogen Heap - Headlock

    Imogen Heap has the original approach of mixing sultry, heart-breaking vocals with various electronic influences.

    Posted 27th September 2006