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  1. MIKA - Grace Kelly

    MIKA - Grace Kelly

    'Grace Kelly' is colourful, opulent, grandiose pop at its best - a full-bodied track with an epic Queen-esque sound.

    Posted 12th January 2007

  2. Big In 2007: Kubichek!

    Big In 2007: Kubichek!

    Seen on tour with The Futureheads, this Newcastle band share their post-punk sound.

    Posted 11th January 2007

  3. Big In 2007: Enter Shikari

    Big In 2007: Enter Shikari

    Post-hardcore trance? Sounds wrong, but is so right. Sold-out headline shows mean big things in 2007 for Enter Shikari.

    Posted 11th January 2007

  4. Big In 2007: DARTZ!

    Big In 2007: DARTZ!

    Quirky indie-punk from this Teesside three-piece.

    Posted 10th January 2007

  5. Big In 2007: The Enemy

    Big In 2007: The Enemy

    First signing to the legendary, resurrected Stiff label - these Coventry lads aren't feeling under any pressure.

    Posted 10th January 2007

  6. Big In 2007: goFASTER>>

    Big In 2007: goFASTER>>

    Their storming live set has won over everyone who's seen them - 2007 will see the unsigned Liverpool band get some well deserved attention.

    Posted 9th January 2007

  7. Big In 2007: The Maccabees

    Big In 2007: The Maccabees

    Big things await this critically acclaimed Brighton guitar band.

    Posted 9th January 2007

  8. The Automatic - Raoul

    The Automatic - Raoul

    Having a song stuck in your head can be highly enjoyable or highly annoying. Regrettably 'Raoul' fits into the latter.

    Posted 8th January 2007

  9. James Morrison - The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

    James Morrison - The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

    'The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore' manages to escape the cliched key-changes and power-ballad performance that normally accompany such a song.

    Posted 8th January 2007

  10. Big In 2007: The Noisettes

    Big In 2007: The Noisettes

    Eclectic London three-piece combining blues and punk with captivating vocalist Shingai Shoniwa.

    Posted 8th January 2007

  11. Big In 2007: Goodbooks

    Big In 2007: Goodbooks

    Four-piece synth-indie from Kent, just signed to Columbia.

    Posted 8th January 2007

  12. Big In 2007: Shiny Toy Guns

    Big In 2007: Shiny Toy Guns

    Los Angeles electronica/indie band - think Killers, think Pet Shop Boys, think glorious pop tunes.

    Posted 5th January 2007

  13. Big In 2007: Klaxons

    Big In 2007: Klaxons

    Responsible for the 'new rave' music scene in 2006, Klaxons get to show the world in 2007 that there's more to them than glo-sticks.

    Posted 5th January 2007

  14. Big In 2007: 1990s

    Big In 2007: 1990s

    More excellent bands for 2007 with the exciting Scottish chums of Franz Ferdinand, 1990s.

    Posted 4th January 2007

  15. Big In 2007: Mumm-ra

    Big In 2007: Mumm-ra

    Off on tour with other big hopes for 2007, this band from sleepy Bexhill On Sea are going to be winning fans over with their breezy indie-pop.

    Posted 4th January 2007