Yazoo - Reconnected: Live

This will open the door on one of the most inventive and innovative acts from the early 80s.

Released 27 Sep 2010 | Mute Records | By Martin Guttridge-Hewitt | Rating: 4
Yazoo - Reconnected: Live

When former Depeche Mode-r and then Erasure man to be Vince Clarke teamed up with powerful songstress Alison Moyet the combination worked. It worked very well indeed.

Their short time together is a drop in the ocean compared to many of their peers. Despite this the list of pretenders and latter day legends that cite Yazoo as inspirational is long and, often, distinguished.

If you only make two albums and the second is never performed live expectations will be high for a reunion. In 2008 the pair got back together. It’s not surprising then that someone hit record as they sold out cities from London and Manchester to Dublin and Glasgow.

Two years later the result is 'Reconnected: Live'. And the double disc package should soothe the old guard, while making inquisitive teeny-boppers realise where so many familiar tracks come from. It’s proud, honest and quite simply defines an era in synthesized music when benchmarks were set, and, as housier offerings like 'Sweet Thing' show, a blueprint for commercial dance and pop was drawn.

Attempting to reference all 20 songs would be ridiculous. Suffice to say that favourites and forgotten moments of genius are all present and correct, though it should be noted that the most mesmerising are tracks like 'Winter Kills'. Smokier than a blues clubs, Moyet’s vocals might as well be sprawled over the grand piano providing the sultry melody.

As is always the case these days with such releases, this is predominantly one for the core fan base. It’s an unfortunate ailment of this download-a-band-a-week age. But for those still interested in educating themselves backwards as much as forwards, this will open the door on one of the most inventive and innovative acts from the early 80s. Surely that’s reason enough to invest.