Tigercats - ‘Isle of Dogs’ album review

2012 will be raining cats and dogs with this little sparkler as Tigercats polish each track to perfection

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| By Emma Sutherland | Rating: 5
Tigercats - ‘Isle of Dogs’ album review

Indie poppers Tigercats are dragging the good name of E14 into a shimmery limelight with album ‘Isle of Dogs’ and it’s a bit of a bobby dazzler. If you thought that London’s East End was only concerning itself with some games and a summer shindig for Her Majesty, then think again.

The entire album is one polished to perfection track after another, from the wannabe punk ‘Coffin for the Isle of Dogs’ to the more mature ‘Stevie Nicks’. Listen carefully and influences of Kooks, Wild Beasts and Libertines are interwoven gently with their own take of what indie-pop should sound like.

‘Banned at The Troxy’ is the track that has it all; the influences, the bouncy, happy vibe and the beautiful combo of Duncan and Laura’s voices. And don’t forget the instrumental showcase, where many seconds of parading their skills is a self-indulgent private show we’re all invited to. Lovely jubbly.

‘Isle of Dogs’ is an album to be adored. Even without London roots, if you want a bunch of gorgeous, well-thought-out tracks for any occasion, this is the one for you. Superbly crafted, original and soul-tingly, Tigercats can bring who they want to the party. Just make sure you have a ticket.