The Miserable Rich - Of Flight & Fury

There are countless moments of inspiration.

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Released 31 May 2010 | Humble Soul | By Martin Guttridge-Hewitt | Rating: 3-5
The Miserable Rich - Of Flight & Fury

They say money can’t buy you happiness. With the latest LP from Brightonian indie outfit The Miserable Rich, it seems an accurate statement.

"I try for something I can’t resist / I hope for someone to break my wrists," croons frontman James de Malplaquet over the weeping violins of opener ‘Pegasus’. It’s a clear sign of the heartfelt content still to come, and while being melancholic the understated beauty in the musical arrangement confirms the quality here.

Before long we’re in the autumn of ‘Chestnut Sunday’, a track that conjures brownish-red leaves falling in stop-motion animation. The early strings steer straight into a multi-layered blend of percussion, ‘dum-be-bop’ vocals and scaling acoustic guitars, creating a dazzlingly effective cacophony.

The double bass driven staccato rhythms of ‘For a Day’ provide the most positive moment here. The combination of soft, beat-less chorus and spiralling string verse ensures that something wholly refreshing is created.

There are countless more moments of inspiration. From the sombre, unsettling hopelessness of ‘Oliver’ to the playfully plucked acoustic guitars of ‘Let Me Fade’ and the piano recital, send and return vocals of ‘Hungover’, it’s a display of craftsmanship that would be a sin to miss. Just don’t forget the tissues.